2018 DOCTalks Festival & Symposium

Tuesday June 12th @ 9am Room 53 Amphitheatre UNB MacLaggan Hall – Presentation: Why Collaborate?

Ocean School project
A joint initiative of Dalhousie University, Ingenium*, and the National Film Board of Canada, Ocean School is a groundbreaking immersive learning program to spark interest in ocean science and ocean literacy. The goal is to better understand how we shape the ocean, and how the ocean shapes us. As part of this presentation, the National Film Board will provide DOCTalks Festival & Symposium attendee's with an opportunity to physically experience the Ocean School immersive learning program. visit website

Jacques Gautreau: Executive Producer,  National Film Board of Canada
Sonya Lee: Science Producer,  Dalhousie University

* Note: Under the Ingenium brand, three national museums — Canada Agriculture & Food Museum, Canada Aviation & Space Museum, Canada Science & Technology Museum — will provide a sensory experience that immerses young and old alike in the countless ways science and technology connect with Canadians’ everyday lives.

Jac Gautreau photo.jpg

Jac Gautreau
Jac Gautreau is an interactive artist and producer who has been with the NFB since 2015. He has worked in immersive spaces, creating dome-based presentations and many large-scale interactive projection works with an emphasis on immersivity and digital puppeteering.He co-produced the NFB’s first POVR documentary, The Third Wheel, and has been Ocean School's executive producer since 2017. 

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Sonya Lee
Sonya Lee holds a B. Sc. from Dalhousie University in marine biology and international development studies. She started her career as a Science Educator at the Discovery Centre, teaching science workshops to grades P–12. As an advocate of promoting ocean literacy, Sonya was on the Canadian Network for Ocean Education's board of directors from 2015–2017.