2018 DOCTalks Festival & Symposium

Tuesday June 12th @ 10:15am  Room 53 Amphitheatre UNB MacLaggan Hall – Presentation: How to Collaborate?

 The Millennial Dream project
The Millennial Dream is a feature length documentary that explores a set of new generational values that may replace the cultural motif known as The American Dream. This project was conceived, produced and funded by New Brunswickers’ - Hemmings House Pictures, University of New Brunswick / Pond-Deshpande Centre, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Symplicity Designs, and three “impact” investors - Kathryn McCain, Marcel LeBrun, David Alston. watch trailer

Greg Hemmings: Producer, Hemmings House Pictures
David Alston: Impact Investor, Chief Entrepreneur in Residence - Government of New Brunswick

Greg Hemmins photo.JPG

Greg Hemmings
Greg Hemmings is a  leader in the area of positive social impact filmmaking.  Greg's commitment for positive social change has taken him and his team to all corners of the planet to tell global stories to inspire local change and local stories to inspire global change. His company Hemmings House is a certified B-Corporation that employs change-makers who feverishly produce filmed content that makes a difference. Hemmings House has been producing film content for the brand marketing and global broadcast industries for almost a decade. They have also created a process that engages social community and brand stakeholders in the film story experience helping to accelerate social movements that matter to them. Greg is a member of the Order of the Wallace McCain Institute and a graduate of the Wallace McCain Institute’s Entrepreneur Leadership Program. He has also furthered his training with the National Screen Institute for their Global Television Marketing Program in Winnipeg and Cannes France, as well as the North American Media Executive Leadership Program in Banff.

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David Alston
David is a repeat tech and marketing startup entrepreneur, the Chief Entrepreneur in Residence for the New Brunswick Government, cofounder of Brilliant Labs, volunteer advisor to NB's Strategic Program Review, KIRA Award's Industry Champion for 2015, a Forbes top 50 CMO in social media, co-winner of a 2014 EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Atlantic Canada, winner of the Greater Saint John Community Foundation’s 2018 Community Service Award, an advisor to many startups in the Atlantic region. David was Radian6's former CMO and Smartforce's Marketing Cloud Chief Adoption Officer, the co-chair of LivingSJ, a movement to support and create a path for all those living in poverty in his home city, a member of BCAPI and is a board member with his regional United Way. David has been involved recently with two social impact documentaries, Code Kids and The Millennial Dream which questions whether the values of “The American Dream” have now been replaced by those more aligned with the passions of the Millennial generation. . David, his wife, Mary-Gwen, and team are currently in the process of building a new aerial adventure park in Dominion Park called TimberTop Adventures, slated to open in the Summer of 2018.