Tuesday June 12th @ 1:15pm  Room 53 Amphitheatre UNB MacLaggan Hall - Keynote Speaker

KENT MARTIN: From Film to 4K - Forty Years of Documentary Filmmaking in Canada
Kent Martin will take you on a journey of documentary filmmaking in Canada – as a child attending NFB screenings in local communities on PEI with his father in the 1950’s; through the glory days of 16mm filmmaking during the 60’s & 70’s; the rise of videotape production in the 80’s & 90’s; and into the digital age of a new millennium. Kent has seen and produced it all – and will offer his experience and insights on documentary storytelling over the past 40 years. visit website

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Kent Martin has worked on well over a hundred films and television series dealing with history, economics, the arts, the environment, spirituality, science and humour. In his career, spanning almost forty years he has produced, directed, edited, photographed and written. These films were for the most part produced by the National Film Board of Canada. They have played in festivals all over the world , been broadcast by the world's major television networks and screened in schools and other institutions. His productions have garnered twenty Canadian Screen Awards and nominations (Genie & Gemini); including six nominations for the prestigious Donald Brittain Award for best Canadian social/political documentary. The feature documentary Westray was short listed for an Academy Award. In his career as a filmmaker Kent has collaborated with broadcasters, government agencies, the United Nations, academics, scientists, universities, museums, foundations, indigenous creators and community groups.