2018 DOCTalks Festival & Symposium

Wednesday June 13th @ 9am Room 53 Amphitheatre UNB MacLaggan Hall - Presentation
DOCTalks Presents TV Series & Fund Initiative
This initiative seeks to explore a television broadcast partnership between CACTUS stations in Canada and PBS networks in the United States, to air documentary films on prime time television. Funding to produce these documentary media projects would come from a TV license that would include alternative funding (foundations), and trigger additional financing from government film agencies, private film funds, other broadcasters, and academic research agencies.

Lloyd Salomone: Co-Founder, DOCTalks (Moderator & Participant)
Patrick Watt: Station Manager, CHCO TV

Cora Leblanc: Business Manager, CIMC TV
Dawn DeAngelis: Vice President & Chief Content Officer, New Hampshire Public Broadcasting Service

Lloyd Salomone Photo.JPG

Lloyd Salomone
Lloyd Salomone is a researcher, writer and producer. He owns Flower Power Production Inc., a documentary film & digital media production company based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Since 2003, he has been actively developing, producing and distributing documentary media content for television broadcast, online streaming, interactive websites, and educational purposes. Lloyd has worked with the National Film Board of Canada, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, Bravo Channel; and with researchers at various institutions in Canada (Beaverbrook Art Gallery, New Brunswick Museum, Laurentian University). He also wrote a non-fiction book and is researching a second. Lloyd is a member of the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) and a board member with DOC Atlantic, and a co-founder of the DOCTalks Festival & Symposium.

Patrick Watt Photo.jpg

Patrick Watt
Patrick Watt has an extensive 32-year career in community and local television, starting at Fredericton Cablevision in 1986 and graduating from the Radio & Television Program at Algonquin College in Ottawa. Although he has produced television in Ontario, he prefers to reside and produce local television in his home province of New Brunswick. He spent many years within the cable industry's version of community TV at Rogers' Channel 10 in Fredericton, but decided to leave corporate television in favour of producing authentic non-profit independent television, which provides a platform for diverse voices to be heard, and serves as a pillar of democracy to hold politicians accountable and corporations responsible for their actions at a grassroots level.  With the rise of media giants and the threat they posed on a free press in Canada, Patrick began working for one of the first independent community access channels in Canada: Charlotte County Television (CHCO-TV) in Saint Andrews, NB. He joined their board and management in 2006 and began producing truly content and news programming, transforming CHCO-TV from a station serving a town of 1,800 to a television service accessible to more than 800,000 households across Canada.  Patrick believes that non-profit TV stations like CHCO can have a powerful impact on a community and the nation as a whole.


Cora Leblanc
Cora Leblanc started her career as a volunteer with CIMC / Telile TV and in 2012 became the Business Manager. Cora was with Telile TV when Bell Satellite began carrying their signal along with other independent community TV stations. Cora strongly believes that local, community based television is an important part of our lives and needs to be maintained, especially in rural communities that are constantly struggling to survive.  Community television is also one of the best ways to record the history and culture of the small towns they are a part of. Cora grew up in the small town where she currently resides and has no plans of raising her four children anywhere else.

Dawn DeAngelis photo.jpg

Dawn DeAngelis
Dawn DeAngelis has been the Vice President and Chief Content Officer for New Hampshire Public Television since 2008. In this position Dawn leads the station’s broadcast, online, educational outreach and communciations departments, manages their budgets, and is the liaison for the station’s Community Advisory Board.  As the CCO, she is passionate about  producing local content that has a community impact beyond its television broadcast. Dawn came to NHPBS in 2000 as the executive producer of NH Outlook, launching the station’s weekly public affairs program. She produced numerous local programs and live broadcasts. Many of these past and current programs have won Tellys, regional Emmy awards and nominations, and more than a dozen local New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters awards for excellence.