The 2018 DOCTalks Festival & Symposium will be held from June 11th to 14th on the University of New Brunswick campus in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Since 2013, the DOCTalks Festival & Symposium has promoted cross-sector collaborations between - documentary filmmakers, academic researchers, charities, governments, foundations and broadcasters - to produce, fund and distribute knowledge-based documentary media projects. This includes showcasing activities and projects involving knowledge mobilization and dissemination of applied research using documentary media (feature & short films, podcasts, immersive learning technologies, interactive websites, social media).


Registration Fees for 2018 DOCTalks Festival & Symposium
$75 CAD by May 31st (early bird registration fee - 3 days of activities)
$125 CAD as of June 1st (regular registration fee - 3 days of activities)
(note: Registration and fee payment must be submitted online. There are no single day registration fees.)

To register, visit Eventbrite

Note: Upon arrival at the registration desk, attendees will show identification to confirm their registration and be asked for their lunch food preferences.

Documentary Film Screening Fee
The general public are invited to attend the documentary film screenings and talks in the evening. A $5 cash admission fee will be charged at the door for non-registered attendees.


For those seeking accommodations, you can book places to stay through the following:
i) UNB Conference Services (offering DOCTalks special rates for multi-person suites):

ii) City of Fredericton Tourism (offering a wide selection of places to stay)


Sponsors: Springboard Atlantic, Telefilm Canada, New Brunswick Tourism Heritage & Culture, National Film Board of Canada, New Brunswick College of Craft & Design, Documentary Organization of Canada
Supporters: University of New Brunswick, Dalhousie University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. Mary's University, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada, Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network,  Innovation PEI, Newfoundland & Labrador Film Development Corporation, Nova Scotia Business Inc., CHCO TV, CIMC TV, New Hampshire PBS, Maine Public,  City of Fredericton, Documentary Organization of Canada - Atlantic Chapter


(Subject to change, please check back for updates.)

Monday June 11, 2018

6pm - Registration & Information
Room 105 Amphitheatre, MacLaggan Hall, University of New Brunswick

7:00pm - Welcome & Acknowledgements
HOST – Marc Bragdon, Media & Reference Librarian, University of New Brunswick
Tim Fox: President, DOCTalks Festival & Symposium Inc.

7:15pm - Opening Prayer Ceremony
Miigam'agan: Elder in Residence, St. Thomas University

7:30pm, Room 105 Amphitheatre, UNB MacLaggan Hall - Documentary Film Screening & Talk
Wi’kupaltimk - Feast of Forgiveness
The documentary film celebrates the resilience of the Mi’kmaq people, the rich nutritional resources available to them prior to colonization, the medicines and wild food that are still available, and the sacredness of that food. watch trailer

Salina Kemp: Co-Director & Graduate Student, St. Mary’s University
Kent Martin: Co-Director & Filmmaker, Unceasing Play Productions
Pamela Glode-Desrochers: Co-Producer & Executive Director, Mi’Kmaw Native Friendship Centre
Dr. Trudy Sable: Co-Producer & Academic Researcher, Saint Mary’s University
Moderator: to be announced

Note: This is a public event with a $5 cash admission fee charged at the door for non-registered attendees.

9:30pm - Meet & Greet Social
Alden Nowlan House (UNB Grad House is a five minute walk from MacLaggan Hall - 676 Windsor Street, Fredericton)

Tuesday June 12, 2018

8am - Registration & Information
UNB MacLaggan Hall - Room 53 Amphitheatre

8:45am – Welcome & Announcements
HOST – Marc Bragdon

9am – Presentation: Why Collaborate?
Ocean School project
A joint initiative of Dalhousie University, Ingenium*, and the National Film Board of Canada, Ocean School is a groundbreaking immersive learning program to spark interest in ocean science and ocean literacy. The goal is to better understand how we shape the ocean, and how the ocean shapes us. As part of this presentation, the National Film Board will provide DOCTalks Festival & Symposium attendee's with an opportunity to physically experience the Ocean School immersive learning program. visit website

Jacques Gautreau: Executive Producer,  National Film Board of Canada
Sonya Lee: Science Producer,  Dalhousie University

* Note: Under the Ingenium brand, three national museums — Canada Agriculture & Food Museum, Canada Aviation & Space Museum, Canada Science & Technology Museum — will provide a sensory experience that immerses young and old alike in the countless ways science and technology connect with Canadians’ everyday lives.

10am - Morning Break

10:15amPresentation: How to Collaborate?
The Millennial Dream project
The Millennial Dream is a feature length documentary that explores a set of new generational values that may replace the cultural motif known as The American Dream. This project was conceived, produced and funded by New Brunswickers’ - Hemmings House Pictures, University of New Brunswick / Pond-Deshpande Centre, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Symplicity Designs, and three “impact” investors - Kathryn McCain, Marcel LeBrun, David Alston. watch trailer

Greg Hemmings: Producer, Hemmings House Pictures
David Alston: Impact Investor, Chief Entrepreneur in Residence - Government of New Brunswick

12:15 Lunch

Alden Nowlan House (UNB Grad House)

1:15pm - Keynote Speaker
KENT MARTIN: From Film to 4K - Forty Years of Documentary Filmmaking in Canada
Kent Martin will take you on a journey of documentary filmmaking in Canada – as a child attending NFB screenings in local communities on PEI with his father in the 1950’s; through the glory days of 16mm filmmaking during the 60’s & 70’s; the rise of videotape production in the 80’s & 90’s; and into the digital age of a new millennium. Kent has seen and produced it all – and will offer his experience and insights on documentary storytelling over the past 40 years. visit website

 2:15pm - Panel Discussion: What are the Best Practices for Collaborative Storytelling?
Collaborative Storytelling Using Documentary Media
The panelists will explore how they are using a variety of cross-sector collaborations to research, develop, produce, fund, distribute and disseminate their knowledge-based documentary media projects and content.

Neal Livingston, Producer & Director, Black River Productions  
Dr. Mary Blatherwick, Producer & Academic Researcher, University of New Brunswick
Dr. Elizabeth Yeoman, Producer & Academic Researcher, Memorial University of

Moderator: Dr. Paul De Decker, Linguistics Researcher, Memorial University of Newfoundland

3:15pm - Afternoon Break

3:30 pm - Workshop
Producing Podcasts & Audio Storytelling
With easy access to personal mobile technology, producing podcasts and audio storytelling is quickly becoming an effective and low-cost way to collect, archive and disseminate knowledge. This workshop will take you into the world of creating podcasts from an indigenous peoples’ oral storytelling perspective.

 Neil Forbes, Producer & Associate Researcher, Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network

 4:30pm Closing Remarks & Announcements
HOST – Marc Bragdon

3 Hours - Evening Rest & Dinner Break

7:30pm, Room 105 Amphitheatre, UNB MacLaggan Hall - Documentary Film Screening & Talk
Documentary Film & Guests: to be announced

Note: This is a public event with a $5 cash admission fee charged at the door for non-registered attendees.

9:30pm - Meet & Greet Social
Picaroon’s Roundhouse (from UNB just cross the Fredericton walking bridge - 912 Union Street, Fredericton Northside)

Wednesday June 13, 2018

8am - Registration & Information
UNB MacLaggan Hall - Room 53 Amphitheatre

8:45am – Welcome & Announcements
HOST – Marc Bragdon

9am Presentation
DOCTalks Presents TV Series & Fund Initiative
This initiative seeks to explore a television broadcast partnership between CACTUS stations in Canada and PBS networks in the United States, to air documentary films on prime time television. Funding to produce these documentary media projects would come from a TV license that would include alternative funding (foundations), and trigger additional financing from government film agencies, private film funds, other broadcasters, and academic research agencies (SSHRC).

 Lloyd Salomone: Co-Founder, DOCTalks (Moderator & Participant)
atrick Watt: Station Manager, CHCO TV
Cora Leblanc: Business Manager, CIMC TV
PBS Officials: to be announced

10am - Morning Break

10:15am - Panel Discussion
Funding Documentaries in Canada
This panel discussion will explore all of the various sources of government film agency  & broadcaster programs, as well as, academic research agency and charitable foundation funding that are available to produce knowledge-based documentary media projects in Canada and the Atlantic region.

 i) Government Film Agencies & Broadcasters:
Christine Aubé: Producer, Canadian Francophone Studio, National Film Board of Canada
Rebekah Chasse: Program Consultant, New Brunswick Tourism Heritage & Culture
Michelle MacCallum: Cultural Development Director, Innovation Prince Edward Island
Linda Wood: Senior Account Manager - Film & TV, Nova Scotia Business Inc.
Dorian Rowe: Executive Director - Newfoundland & Labrador Film Development Corporation
Angela Antle, Producer, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

ii) Academic Research Agencies & Charitable Foundations
Mathieu Ravignat: Manager Research Grants & Partnerships Division, Social Sciences Humanities Research Council of Canada
other: to be announced

Moderator: Sue O'Donnell, Workplace Bullying Researcher, University of New Brunswick

12:15pm - Lunch
Alden Nowlan House (UNB Grad House)

1:15pm – Panel Discussion
Funding Documentaries in the United States
This panel discussion will explore how documentary media projects are created, produced and distributed in the United States and New England region.

 Laura Azevedo: Executive Director, Fillmmakers Collaborative
others: to be announced  

Moderator: to be announced

Open Your Eyes Initiative
The Open Your Eyes initiative seeks to raise community awareness about a social issue, by providing a charity with access to cash and in-kind promotional support to produce a short documentary film (approx. 5 minutes) to tell their story, and an online cross-sector promotional campaign to share their story with others in the community. The first Open Your Eyes Fredericton (OYEF) recipient was the Community Action Group on Homelessness. A presentation associated with this OYEF short film and promotional campaign will be discussed to explain how it works. watch CAGH's short film

 Tim Fox : President, DOCTalks (Moderator & Participant)
Kate Rogers: Executive Director, Fredericton Community Foundation
Faith McFarland: Co-ordinator, Community Action Group on Homelessness
Gary Weekes: Film Director, Weekes Photography
Geneveive Coates: Online Communications, Generate Creative Consulting

3:15pm – Afternoon Break

Producing Cellphilms
This workshop will engage participants in creating a short 30 second cellphilm (cellphone + filmmaking). Cellphilms are an emerging participatory visual research method that seeks to reframe people's everyday media-making practices.

 Dr. Casey Burkholder: Assistant Professor, University of New Brunswick

4:30pm - Closing Remarks
HOST – Marc Bragdon

3 Hours - Evening Rest & Dinner Break

7:30pm, Room 105 Amphitheatre, UNB MacLaggan Hall - Documentary Film Screening & Talk
Through the lens of professional classical musicians, Composed explores the many ways we experience and can address performance anxiety. Through their stories, valuable lessons are learned over a lifetime of professional performance, and find that we are not alone in our quest to overcome the fear of failure and embarrassment. watch trailer

John Beder: Director & Co-Producer, Bedrock Productions
Katie DeRoche: Co-Producer & Editor, Bedrock Productions

Moderator: Richard Hornsby, Director of Music, University of New Brunswick

 NOTE: This is a public event with a $5 cash admission fee charged at the door for non-registered attendees.

9:30pm - Meet & Greet Social
Isaac's Way Restaurant (downtown - 649 Queen Street, Fredericton)

Thursday June 14, 2018

9am to 12pm – Special Meeting
DOCTalks Presents TV Series & Fund Initiative
This will be a "by invitation” round table discussion about the DOCTalks Presents TV Series & Fund initiative with interested parties in attendance (broadcasters, government film agencies, academic research agencies, charitable foundations, and others).

 Location: to be announced