DOCTalks Chapters

In 2018, DOCTalks began the process of establishing chapters in several communities in Atlantic Canada where there was interest from cross-sector partners to produce, fund and mobilize knowledge-based documentary media content and projects.

 The purpose of each DOCTalks Chapter will be to showcase activities and projects that involve knowledge mobilization and the dissemination of applied research using documentary media (feature & short films, podcasts, immersive learning technologies, interactive websites, social media). DOCTalks Chapters will also provide a professional forum to test, publish and mobilize the “DOCTalks Handbook of Best Practices for Cross-sector Partnerships” currently being researched and developed.

 To this end, a DOCTalks Chapter “discussion document” has been prepared and forwarded to interested cross-sector partners. The goal is to establish DOCTalks Chapters in several communities in Atlantic Canada (NB, NS, NL, PEI ) and then continue to expand regionally, nationally and internationally where there is interest.

To encourage the establishment of DOCTalks Chapters in Atlantic Canada, DOCTalks is collaborating with Springboard Atlantic members to promote knowledge mobilization using documentary media. The following Springboard Atlantic DOCTalks promotional video was produced and released in the Fall of 2018.