Tim Fox - President
Dr. Paul De Decker - Vice President Lloyd Salomone - Secretary-Treasurer
Marc Bragdon
Dr. Sue O'Donnell
Genevieve Coates
Brennan Morill Sisk

Lloyd Salomone, Marie Maltais, Troy Moore
(2013 & 2014)

The DOCTalks Festival & Symposium Inc. is a not-for-profit organization based in Canada. Since 2013, DOCTalks has been promoting cross-sector collaborations between documentary filmmakers, academic researchers, community groups, governments, foundations and broadcasters, to produce knowledge-based documentary media projects. This includes showcasing activities and projects that involve knowledge mobilization and dissemination of applied research using documentary media content (feature & short films, podcasts, immersive learning technology, interactive websites, social media). Contact:

DOCTalks primary activities include the:

  • DOCTalks Festival & Symposium - an event to showcase cross-sector collaborations.

  • Open Your Eyes - an initiative to promote social issues in local communities.

  • DOCTalks Presents - an initiative to broadcast knowledge-based documentary films on television.

  • DOCTalks Chapters - an initiative to establish DOCTalks chapters in NB, NS, NL, PEI.